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Memory Book for Younger Students

One of our back to school traditions is to complete a memory book or page of some sort.  In the first few years, we make a booklet and which is then shortened to a couple of pages and finally to one page as a to kick off the year.  (My high schooler still enjoys this tradition of recording favorites and taking a first day of school picture.)  

I finished making a revised copy of our booklet for the youngest who will start kindergarten this year.   


The booklet includes:

  • a cover where a first day of school picture can go
  • a page to write (or dictate) favorite things (with space to write others)
  • a page to make a hand print and measure it 
  • a page to make a foot print and measure it
  • a page for the student to write his/her age and draw a picture of himself/herself (My first and third grade teachers had us draw pictures of ourselves for a class year book and it was so much fun to see how my drawing changed in those few short years!)
  • a page to glue an envelope and insert a string of how tall the student is---and record a measurement of the string
  • a page to paste other photographs from the first day or week of school (or family photos, etc.) (not pictured)

There is a place to write the date on each page because that's one of the skills I try to teach right away---how to copy the date from the white board independently.  We will complete a page or two a day in the first week.  In the first year or so, we use non-standard units of measurement for any measuring we do for the booklet----usually cubes----but you could pick any object that you have plenty of or go ahead and use a standard unit of measurement.

I print the pages on card stock for more durability, and I paint hands and feet with washable watercolor paint in whatever color my little one requests to make the prints.  If your child likes stickers or drawing,  embellishments to the pages could easily be added.  We have a great time looking back on these booklets at the end of the year and beyond!  (I plan to compile all the pages my oldest has made throughout K-12 for her at the end of her home school years.)

If you'd like to download some or all of the booklet to use with your children, please feel free to.  (I'll upload versions for older students soon.)

DOWNLOAD Beginning of the Year Memory Booklet (PDF)


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