11th Grade

More For the First Day or Week

I was able to finish up revisions for one of my oldest's first day of school traditions---filling out a page of favorites/all about me type of pages (11 years and counting)! I also made some updates to intermediate pages that we use once we pass the Memory Book phase.


Feel free to download them to use with your family/students if you would like to.

Primary-3 page "All About Me"  Download PDF

Upper Elementary-2 page "All About Me"  Download PDF

Older Students- 1 page "Fast Facts" black/white with Bible verse  Download PDF

Older Students- 1 page "Fast Facts" black/white without Bible verse  Download PDF

Older Students- 1 page "Fast Facts" Color (blue/pink/purple/green) with Bible verse  Download PDF

Older Students- 1 page "Fast Facts" Color (blue/pink/purple/green) without Bible verse  Download PDF


Happy New Year (Of Sorts)!

Well, I just renewed the domain name for another year....I guess that means I should start writing more than a few times in the coming year!  So here's to it!

And here's to the start of the new school year for us, which is quickly approaching.  Ever since my oldest (who will be a high school junior this year) finished her kindergarten year, we've schooled year round.  She was so excited to be a "first grader" that she wanted to start almost as soon as we wrapped up kindergarten.  So we did.  It works out very well for us because it is so hot in the summer here, and we like to take off all of December (at least for the most part).  Schooling year round also affords us the ability to take spontaneous breaks when the weather is perfect for being outside.

After a  year or two of schooling for many weeks in a row, I noticed that more frequent breaks were helpful----for me, if not for both of us.  I started scheduling breaks about every six weeks so that I could catch up on chores and other things around the house and prepare for the next weeks of schooling.  Though I'd never heard of it when we started, it is currently a popular way that many homeschoolers schedule weeks on and off of school.

Here's a glimpse of the way I've planned for this year----though it will not turn out exactly this way, I'm sure.  It never does.  I schedule regular work for three terms---each split into two six week sessions.  We have a holiday "mini term" scheduled, which is a way for me to be intentional about planning for Advent and Christmas.  Of all our regular work, math might be carried into the holiday mini term sometimes, but mostly we enjoy purely seasonal activities together and enjoy the longer break.


If you'd like to download a calendar that you can personalize, or see what I used to make our calendar, please head here---as I did a short write up from receiving questions on Instagram.

Over next few weeks I will be finalizing book choices, scheduling and prepping for the start of the new year.  I'll be back soon to share what we are planning to use.